Is The Noodle Poodle suitable for vegans?

Yes! No ingredients of animal origin have been used in the recipe. The allergen statement is intended for people with severe allergies where even the tiniest amount of cross-contamination could cause them to have a reaction.

Is The Noodle Poodle gluten-free?

No, at the moment, the delicious pre-cooked noodles are made from wheat flour, which contains gluten.

Are the noodles lactose free?

Yes, all flavours have been developed with plant-based ingredients – such as coconut milk in the Thai Green Curry for the true authentic curry experience.

Are the noodles soy free?

The noodles themselves are, as are the Thai Green Curry and Indian Korma noodles, but the Teriyaki sauce contains delicious real soy sauce for the ultimate authentic taste.

Are the noodles sugar free?

No, we have used natural ingredients for their great flavour and quality and this includes regular condiments such as a pinch of sugar, just like they do in the real kitchens of the East.

Is The Noodle Poodle Halal?

Yes! All our flavours will fit into your Halal diet.

Why are the noodles so low in calories?

The Noodle Poodle stands for a real noodle innovation: steamed noodles, rather than fried, complete with a delicious sauce with only natural ingredients and no artificial additives of any kind.

Why 250g?

250g of noodles and thick, nutritious sauce bursting with flavour and genuine ingredients – not your usual soupy noodle! It is the perfect small portion for a warm snack for lunch, before/after a workout, a cheeky midnight snack and is perfect for wherever you are on the go. Just heat and eat! Because it’s small, but filling – you can even use it as the basis for a larger meal – get creative and show us what you made on @thenoodlepoodle

Where can I get my hands on these amazing noodles?

The Noodle Poodle is currently available at Jumbo, Hoogvliet and Groeneveld Groothandel. And if you just can’t wait (we get it!), order it now on Gorillas.